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System and operational study of the Power Station coal handling from the mine, through the stockyard and the boiler house distribution system, plus the ash handling and stacking systems.

De-bottlenecked the softwood chipping resulting in capacity increase of 300%
(Payback period 3 weeks)

Metal Separation
Bagging Systems

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What we do


Engicon Systems (Pty) Ltd offers project management, system design, detail design, supply and installation of bulk handling projects in the belt-conveying, bag handling systems, pneumatic conveyors and material control systems, together with the supply of high quality, specialist equipment.

System designs include feasibility studies and costing analysis. They are simulation based with derived operating and control philosophies.





How we began


Engicon Systems (Pty) Ltd was founded by Dave Morgan in 1996. It is a South African owned company offering engineering, consultant services, construction and installation of equipment to the bulk materials handling industry in Southern Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia.



Latest Projects


Sept 2005 Engicon Systems (Pty) Ltd resolved the problems from waste dump settlement at Jwaneng Mine in Botswana.
The rectification of the 1km waste dump conveyor which was constructed on individual plinths and block type foundations was re-aligned during 12 hour maintenance shuts without any replacement sections, capital cost implications or other major considerations. Since the gantry sections had also moved with the dump and no longer lined up with the tail it was necessary to generate a series of curves that would satisfy the terrain and belt alignment requirements. The pay back on the modifications was an incredible one day.

May 2003 Engicon Systems (Pty) Ltd in conjunction with Gulf Conveyor International installed a new and improved travelling transfer station on the export coal reclaim system at Kumber's Grootegeluk Mine.
The transfer was unique in that it did the following:
did away with the impact nest
used no skirting
stopped spillage
Provided central loading in all operating conditions
increased the carrying capacity of the belt by improving the load profile.



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